Here are some haiku from my vacation in Kauai (February 14 – 27, 2011). 
Some are according to strict rules.  Some are not. 

Tuesday, Feb 15:
on Po'ipu Beach
the sun burnt away the fog
this Tuesday morning.

Wednesday, Feb. 16: 
monk seals on the beach.
both seem as if they are dead
but are just asleep.

Thursday, Feb 17:
calm horizon's sea;
but closer, waves thump the rocks
and shake the condo.

Friday, Feb 18:
in pools atop reef
mottled fish small as minnows

Raymond Rapozo is the guy who built my ukulele.
This is him and it, just after he trimmed 
the frets in his workshop in Kapa'a, Kauai.
dart here and dart there. 

Saturday, Feb. 19:
rainy day forecast, 
so it's a day for errands
and lunch at Costco. 

Sunday, Feb. 20:
A flash out at sea
seconds later thunder booms 
then the heavy rains.

Monday, Feb. 21:
end of a wet day,
fifty chordophones: one song
makes things much brighter.

Tuesday, Feb. 22:
running to gain speed
the albatross takes flight, swoops
out toward the sea. 

Wednesday, Feb. 23:
Kalalau Valley from above after the clouds lifted.
below, the clouds shroud,
then reveal the folded cliffs
of Kalalau.

whales: breaching, spouting;
rivalry and showing off.
it's courting season.

no warning at all:
BOOM! thunder rips sky above
soon sending showers.

Thursday, Feb 24:
rays glint on ripples
while laughing children chase waves.
sunny Po'ipu.
Po'ipu Beach in late afternoon. 

Friday, Feb 25:
stand-up paddle board
looks easy from a distance.
I fall like a pro. 

sunny veranda
I play my ukulele
while whales breach and spout.

Saturday, Feb 26:
'neath Na Pali's cliffs
parrot fish passes my mask:
a rainbow that swims. 

 Sunday, Feb 27 (last day):
sad to have to leave
but time to return has come. 
aloha for now. 


Added July 3, 2011

In October of 1998 I resolved to do one heroic couplet or one haiku a day.  My resolve faltered on the third day and disappeared altogether after the 5th.  The results: 

Oct. 21

on drizzly, darkened, shiny parking lot
a xylophone and students.  doing what?

Oct. 22

steel-blue Jupiter
no other star dares approach
this cold, moonless night. 

Oct. 24

big-sky autumn day
three silent, silvery birds
trailing long white tails

Oct. 25

end of the nineties
style dictates: OK to wear
baseball caps inside. 

transplanted today
lavender, rosemary, thyme
perfume fills my rooms.