Japan 2023

I have had a wonderful visit to Japan.  
May 11 to June 7, 2023.

I have reunited with friends from many years ago. 
I have met new friends. 
Here are some of the photos.  
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Some of the parishioners at Kasai Catholic Church, the Augustinian parish in Tokyo. 

Prayer Groups friends from 30 years ago: Kyoko and Shinsuke

The Ordination of Fr. Atsushi Kuwahara, OSA 
was the reason I chose this time to come to Japan.  

Heron and Turtle at Dazaifu Tenmangu in Fukuoka

With Mr and Mrs Motohashi and Ms. Manago 
at Dazaifu Tenmangu in Fukuoka

With Fr. Imada and the Secular Augustinians
at Shiroyama Church - the Augustinian parish in Nagasaki

Rev & Mrs Jack and Cathy Garrott
fellow missionaries in Nagasaki - friends for 40 years.

Rev Tomota - Shinto priest at Dazaifu Tenmangu in Fukuoka

Rev Senge Takamasa - Chief priest of Izumo Grand Shrine in Shimane Prefecture

Two of my new Shigin friends in Tokyo:
Keisei Sensei and fellow American Shigin student, Justin Bingham

Shigin friends from my Gakufukai - where I first learned Shigin in Nagasaki

Rev Fujii Masanori - until his recent retirement, the Chief priest of 
Saikoji Buddhist Temple in Nagasaki - a friend since the 1980s.

Roof feature from Izumo Grand Shrine

This memorial marks the spot below which the atomic bomb 
exploded over Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, destroying much of 
the city and causing the deaths of 60,000 to 80,000 people. 
Fifteen minutes walk from the Church where I used to work.

With fellow Augustinian friars at Kasai Church in Tokyo
Brother Ide, Liam, Fr. Shibata, Fr. Charlie

Fr. Michael Hilden, OSA and Liam - May 2023 in Fukuoka

Fr. Michael Hilden, OSA and Liam - May 1975 in Tokyo

Singing a celebratory poem: "Mt. Fuji" by Ishikawa Jōzan

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