Back in Pennsylvania / Project 365

Though I was here less than 10 days ago, I'm back for a couple of days to help Mom with some things she needs to get done.  I usually stay at St. Augustine Friary at Villanova and drive back and forth to Mom's place.  About 25 minutes with no traffic.  Drove down from Massachusetts yesterday and was making very good time until I hit the NJTPK.  There must have been 3 different accidents, causing backups all along that stretch of the pike.  

Koa wood ukulele, bought in Kauai, March of 2010
Inspired by a former coworker, for almost a year I have been engaged in my own version of Project 365 - posting one photo a day for a year.  I'm a little bit behind in the posting, but have been faithful in taking the photos daily.  Some days when I'm too busy I either skip, or take a photo of some random object or objects in my room.  The photo the left is a case in point.  Took it using the camera built into my MacBook.  The app always switches left and right for some reason, like a mirror.  I don't skip often.  It has been a good experience and I do think my photos have gotten better.  My eye has improved.  My familiarity with the features of my camera has progressed.  It has been good, but I will be glad when July 16 rolls around.  I will still continue to take a lot of photos, but I'm glad that the year will be up before I move to Staten Island.  Being pastor and a new member of that friary will take up most of the energy of my waking hours.  


eba said...

Liam - I really like that photo - full of energy and life. Best of luck with your mother and her projects. You are a very devoted son and she is lucky to have you.

Liam O'Doherty said...

Thank you, Liz!