Sun on the Beach

The sun on the beach at Ocean City, NJ was diffuse for the most part this afternoon.   At least the sky overhead and the sky out to sea was.  Looking inland, the sky was a brilliant blue.

Drove Mom down to South Jersey to see Aunt Suzanne today.  We had lunch at Fitzpatrick's Jewish Deli in Somer's Point, our favorite lunch place in that part of the state.  More photos of the day here.  Huge orange octopus.  Kites that were 11 feet wide.

Aunt Suzanne and Mom
Here's Aunt Suzanne and Mom looking at photos from Mom's trip to Ireland.

Tomorrow I will complete the work I came down here to do for Mom and drive back up to Massachusetts.

This photo and the one up top were taken from more or less the same spot, minutes apart.  This one facing west, inland, and the other facing east to the sea.  Another photo, of the boardwalk, facing south, shows you the two "sides" of the sky around that time.

Click on any of these photos to see them in larger sizes. 

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