Provincial Chapter

Today was the second full day of our Provincial Chapter (meeting) that happens every 4 years.  I have attended most of them, even when I was out of the Order for 12 years.  I am extremely encouraged by the content of the discussions and the attitudes of the men who are taking part.  Especially regarding the importance and practicalities of community life.

Also, I met with the two friars I will be working with at the parish I will be assigned to in August.  I was very happy to hear that we all seem to be on the same page in terms of our expectations and motivations.  This new situation could work out really well.

Here's a photo of 10 friars from my novitiate class (1967-1968) who are attending the meetings this week at Villanova.  The novitiate is a very special year and you have a special bond with those you spend it with.  It's really good to be with them again for a few days.

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