Dancing with Ancestors

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And here's what my brother, Hugh, wrote about this video: 


I am sharing this short JibJab that my brother, Liam, assembled and posted, last year.

As the show begins, we see 4 women depicted. Left-to-right, they are: 

  • Hannah Lafferty McIntyre (she was the mother of Hannah McIntyre O'Doherty, and therefore, was one of our great grandmothers). My siblings and cousins never met her. 
  • Susan Ward Quinn from outside of Glenties, in County Donegal, Ireland. (She married my namesake, Hugh Quinn, from outside Donaghmore, Co. Tyrone, after they separately emigrated to "the states." They were our Mom's parents, and lived on the same block as our childhood home, in Darby, PA.
  • Hannah McIntyre O'Doherty, from outside Creeslough, Donegal. (She married Liam's namesake, William O'Doherty, from Malin Head, Donegal, after they separately came to the U.S. They were our Dad's (John O'Doherty's) parents. Hannah was a big part of our lives, too! William died, when he was 39. So, my siblings and cousins never met him.
  • Kathleen Quinn O'Doherty (our Mom, who lives at Granite Farms, in Media, PA).
The male dancer who joins the women is Liam.

Thanks again, Liam, for bringing these fine, important people together!

Last week, I had the delight of hearing Julie Gold perform her song, "Goodnight New York." It describes her Russian mother's sailing into the harbor "of hopes and of dreams."

The song reminds me of all 4 of my grandparents, and particularly Hannah; because she was the only one to be processed thru Ellis Island. (The other 3 were processed thru a center in Chester, PA.)

I also think of all the times, since Hannah's arrival, when my family members have crossed that harbor on ferry boats, or have driven across the Verrazano Bridge.

I gratefully think of how my personal hopes and dreams were fulfilled to the extent, that I was fortunate to be able to fly aircraft over (and under) that bridge, and then cruise past Ellis Island, hundreds of times.

Thank you, Susan and Hugh!
Thank you, Hannah and William!

one of your indebted grandchildren.

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